• Oral Cancer Screening

  • Every dental examination includes an oral cancer screening. Dentists have been specially trained to identify irregularities that may need to be inspected more closely.

    After over 20 years of seeing patients from all over Washington, Tignall, Rayle, and surrounding areas, Pagan Affinity Dentistry has the experience and know-how to recognize abnormalities that may need more attention.

    What is involved in an oral cancer screening?

    The screening is quick, but thorough, and painless. It involves an examination of the following areas:

    • Back of your throat
    • Tongue
    • Floor of your mouth
    • Roof of your mouth
    • Face
    • Jaw
    • Neck
    • Lips

    If the dentist finds something unusual you may be refereed to another office for further testing or re-examined later to see if there have been any changes.

    When should I get a screening for oral cancer?

    It is important to have cancer screenings done regularly to catch any abnormalities early. Depending on the personalized oral care regime you and your dentist have established, you may need to have a more in depth, but still painless, screening.

    Pagan Affinity Dentistry works with the top medical professionals in Washington, GA to make sure you get the best service possible. If need be, we will get you in touch with the right office to look further into any issues that may need to be looked into further.